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Butter Chicken

Boneless chicken breast marinated in ginger & garlic, cooked in a special...
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Mango Chicken Curry

Boneless Pieces of Chicken breast cooked in creamy mango sauce and exotic...
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Coconut Chicken

Boneless chicken breast cooked in coconut cream & royal spices.
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Chicken Tikka Masala

Boneless Pieces of chicken breast barbecued & simmered in a thick gravy...
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Kadahi Chicken

Boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked with green chillies, tomatoes,...
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Chicken Korma

Boneless pieces of chicken breast delicately cooked in a seasoned cream...
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Chicken Vindaloo

Boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked in a tangy sauce with potatoes,...
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Chicken Curry

Boneless chicken breast pieces cooked in onion tomato sauce with ground...
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Palak Chicken

Boneless Chicken breast cooked with chopped spinach and freshly ground...
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Chicken Green Curry

Boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked in a fine paste of Spinach, broccolli,...
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Chef Special Curry

Paneer, Lamb, Prawn, Chicken & Fish Cooked in onions, tomatoes exotic Indian...